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by Donna-Lisa Healy

The Biscuit Factory, 17 May – 16 June

An exhibition in celebration of local heroes whose philanthropy and enthusiasm for the region reflects the spirit and heart of the North-East. Curated by the internationally bestselling local author LJ Ross, this selection of inspirational North Easterners has been photographed by Donna-Lisa Healy.  

LJ Ross: 

“I’m delighted to present a tiny snapshot of the many wonderful, hardworking and compassionate people who make up our special corner of the world. I thank each one for everything they’ve done, and continue to do, for the North-East.

Possessing a unique capacity to put a person at ease, Donna-Lisa Healy was the first and only portrait photographer to come to mind to capture the essence of my heroes”.

You can hear more from in LJ in her full interview, and find out more about her North East Heroes

About Donna Lisa-Healy 

Raised in County Durham, Donna-Lisa signed up for an art foundation course at Sunderland College in her late twenties – whilst here she fell in love with photography. She went on to study at Sunderland University, achieving an MA in Photography. Particularly inspired by the 19th Century artist Julia Margaret Cameron, Donna-Lisa discovered an enduring passion for black and white portraiture.

“The secret of taking a good portrait, for me, is for it to be a collaboration, a conversation. I like to talk with the person I’m photographing first, just to get a feel of who they are and put them at their ease. I like to think of each portrait as a snapshot of a conversation.

It was an honour and a joy to capture the kindness and generosity of the North East Heroes – I hope they inspire you as much as they did me.”

You can hear more from Donna-Lisa in her  full interview

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